A picture of me in the Alps with a rainbow in the background
This is me, near Innsbruck, Austria.

Hi! My name is Hanna Liebl. I’m a software developer, and I have been keeping a blog about programming and tech on my primary domain, hannaliebl.com, for a few years now, but I sometimes find myself wanting to write about topics not directly related to coding, so this is where those posts find their home.

I have been trying to find the corners of the web that aren’t controlled by giant companies in walled-off gardens of content, which reminds me of the “old web” that existed right when I started getting into HTML and CSS in the first place. I find old-school blogging to be a nice part of that, and this is my attempt to add to that world.

Speaking of walled-off gardens…I do have a Twitter, and if you’d like to get in touch, that’s a decent way to do so. You can also email me.